How We Make Our MARK – A Day in the Life featuring Meg Bodnar

Thanks for all the love you’re sending for this blog series! We’re excited to continue with this new issue and sit down with another member of our talented team.

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This month, we caught up with Marketing Coordinator Meg Bodnar. Let’s jump into it!

How long have you been at OTM and how did you hear about the company / position?

“Let’s go back over 30 years first! I knew Christine and Nicol as friends before I ever worked here. Fun fact: Christine and I worked together at another company before they founded OTM.

One day, Nicol asked me if I wanted to do some at-home administrative work for one of their very first clients. It progressed into a part-time office position and continued to develop into an extensive office administrator role as the company grew. The rest is history. I’ve been here for 17 years now!”

You’ve remained a dedicated team member for a long time. What is your impetus behind that?

“There are many reasons, all intertwined. It’s a great company with a lot of flexibility that is close to home and my family. My friendship with Christine and Nicol translates well to a work environment and I get to thrive in a role I really enjoy.”

With that many years under your belt I’m sure your role has evolved through the years. Can you touch on that?

“Yes, and I’ve seen the most transition within the last few years. I started as an office administrator and held that position for about 16 years. However, my responsibilities even within that same position grew a lot throughout that timeframe. Two years ago, I was promoted to marketing coordinator, which was a shift in my scope of work but one that I embraced. I enjoy working more closely with my clients to support their projects.”

Jerilyn, Nicol, Christine, Devon and Meg in the OTM office back in 2014

What is something that you learned about yourself in this role?

“I’ve served in support roles throughout my career. This new experience taught me that I am capable of more than I might initially think. Stretching yourself is a good thing – and I think that is true for us all. The unknown can be intimidating. Once you’re actually in it, you naturally learn to adapt. I’m learning to trust myself more.

I also love talking to people! So, excelling at the customer relationship part of this role came naturally to me.”

Tell us about a recent favorite project?

“We designed, printed and mailed a wall calendar for our client Jewish Home Family last year. The project was an extensive undertaking requiring ongoing management with many moving parts over the course of several months. Holding that finished calendar in my hands at the conclusion of production was extremely gratifying.

I was fortunate to work with a great team on this project. My graphic designer Sue is such a calm and delightful person to work with – she has a way of making it feel not like work. And our client is a pleasure. We formed a strong relationship with them during the process and they were very happy with the finished product.”

In your opinion, what is one important skill for a marketing coordinator?

“Organization. I needed a little assistance in this area when I first stepped into this role, but I strengthened this skillset, and it makes a world of difference. It helps you stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for the next steps in a project.”

When you’re not at work, where can we find you?

“Anyone who knows me knows that I’m someone who does not like to sit around! You’ll find me at the gym, shopping, a favorite winery, visiting friends, at a concert and anything (fun) that requires movement. I love TV but I only reserve that for late at night. You’ll never find me sitting on the couch during daylight hours!”

Meg at Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware
Meg with her family at a Billy Joel concert

Do you have any closing advice for new marketing coordinators?

“Take your time – you don’t need to rush. Yes, we work in a fast-paced industry, but you save time for your future self if you allow yourself the grace to slow down and avoid errors in the present. Organize your thoughts before acting. This is advice I still give to myself as well!”

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