With the summer now behind us, I reflect on everything that I learned here at OTM as an intern and recall how it all began with an interview with Vice President Jerilyn Crimaldi. Relatively new to job interviews, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Jerilyn quickly put me at ease and did a fantastic job of outlining expectations, sharing insights into the company and asking about my individual career interests and aspirations. It was a perfect start to what would become my first summer internship.

To prepare for this blog, it was now my turn to interview Jerilyn! Sitting down in her office, I couldn’t help but notice the family photos that filled her office. Thinking about how much I love my own family, I was eager to learn more about hers. While I was there to talk about Jerilyn’s role at OTM, she was quick to point out that raising her family was the most important – and favorite – job of all. She has two sons and a daughter, who are all very active with sports including soccer, dance, track, wrestling and flag football. “I really enjoy time with my family – it’s so rewarding. Together, we watch movies, cook, travel and, of course, there’s always a practice or game to go to,” she said with a smile. Family runs deep for Jerilyn. Here at OTM, she works alongside her two cousins and company founders, Christine Spigai and Nicol Klein.

Jerilyn’s company role is broad. She is responsible for business development, client relations and team management. “Each day here is a little different and it’s my job to have a handle on all projects, understand what each team member is working on and that we’re on target to meet client expectations and deliverables,” she explained. Jerilyn believes that by working as cohesive team with defined yet expandable roles both clients and the company are well served. “With every job, there are quite a few moving parts and how those parts intersect is critical to success. All accomplishments – large and small – deserve recognition and are equally important to the result,” she said.

Early in her career, Jerilyn worked on both local and statewide political campaigns, having graduated William Paterson University as a Political Science major. “My time in the political arena was exciting and rewarding. I met and worked side-by-side with incredibly passionate people and learned a great deal about campaigning,” she explained. After a few years, Jerilyn’s career took a different path thanks to new opportunities and changing circumstances. In 2007, she left public service to accept an offer in the private sector as an OTM account manager. She quickly found that her skill set, managerial talent and ability to connect with others served her and the company well.

Jerilyn believes that being detail oriented and prioritizing your work are critical to the day-to-day life here at the office. She stresses the importance of her clients’ satisfaction, “The most important thing is making sure the client is happy,” she said. Over the course of the last few months, Jerilyn’s commitment to her team and her clients was very apparent. She didn’t think twice about working after hours or taking her laptop home over the weekend to ensure a pressing deadline was met. I admire her strong work ethic and appreciate the ability it takes to balance a successful work environment against a rewarding home life.