It is the time of year for reflection, so for this issue of reMarks, we challenged our team to look back at their body of work in 2021. We are setting the table for the new year and evaluating important takeaways and grateful lessons from the year gone by. This exercise gave us an opportunity to inspire one another, and we thought maybe our readers too.

Account Manager Ali Giardina: I have always known that there is power in knowledge but there is also the power in knowing that you will never stop learning! I love working in partnership with our clients because it gives me an opportunity to challenge myself and find new ways to be innovative. This includes staying on top of marketing trends and changes in their industries. During the pandemic, I committed to spend more time broadening my knowledge base through online courses and this year, I put a lot of what I learned into action. Proud to include receiving my social media marketing certification in this year’s accomplishments!

Sr. Graphic Designer Devon Harrison: This year, I concentrated on improving efficiencies. For me, this centered on exploring different design ideas in rough format to eliminate less successful directions more quickly and anticipating challenges in order to avoid delays. I applied this method frequently in 2021 to build new client websites, like TDA Benefits and North End Boy, and it allowed me the ability to focus my attention on the details of typography, imagery and function to create a winning product.

Vice President Jerilyn Crimaldi: With all the ups and downs the pandemic delivered over the last two years, it could be easy to let it get in the way of progress. The ability to roll with whatever comes your way and find innovative ways to overcome challenges has never been more important. This year, we saw new obstacles in needing to balance supply increases and delays with pressing client needs. Nothing is impossible and there is always a strategy and solution to overcome. Not every day goes smoothly, but every day we have the capabilities to overcome.

Graphic Designer Kylie Burst: No matter where you are in your career, there is always more to learn. Design is everchanging and it is important to stay in the know on trends and best practices. This year, our design team prioritized internal brainstorm sessions to share with one another current projects, tips and solutions. These super-charged creative sessions, combined with my ongoing independent exploration, gave me the ability to deliver new applications, fresh ideas and inspiring designs to our clients. These are important lessons that can apply to all of us: lean on your fellow team members, welcome collaboration, and take initiative to find answers to the many questions you did not have yesterday.

Stay tuned for the next issue of reMARKS where we will, wrap up the rest of our team’s takeaways.

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