A social media manager can be a valuable addition to any business’ team. Communicating, responding and connecting with followers regularly and consistently is key to building brand trust and recognition. Yet, with more than 3.96 billion people actively using social media worldwide in 2020 and ever-changing platform trends, keeping up with social media can be challenging for organizations of every size. To get the most out of social, a dedicated social media manager might be your new best friend, and here’s why.


Following & Connecting: Brand Identity – Social media is huge in terms of raising brand awareness. For platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even TikTok, a social media manager will bring fresh and creative ideas to the table to ensure your business is standing out against the competition and allowing you to gain more followers. This very quickly starts opening the door to more opportunities to comment, like, share and direct message. Before you know it, those you follow and those that follow you is growing by leaps and bounds.


Liking & Commenting: Consumer Engagement – There is no greater disservice to a business than a dormant social media platform. A good manager will do a great deal of listening and responding to what followers want. As your customers or prospects ask questions, tag your business in a post or check-in at your location, you need to respond, engage and communicate. A good social media manager will act as your eyes and ears and stay in tune with what is trending with your audience.


Saving & Sharing: Advertising – Advertising your products, services or mission on social media can be an extremely cost-effective marketing initiative if the tool is utilized properly. A manager will ensure bios and key information are current, posts are timely and relevant to the audience and your brand is advertised in a fun, impactful way. The key is to see what resonates with the end user – whether that is humor, photos, education or deals and promotions. Testing different types of posts, and tracking engagement, is the only way to know where your sweet spot will lie. There is also opportunity to boost organic content with paid options offered on social media platforms. This can help push content out to a wider audience and enhance brand recognition.


Listening & Responding: Analyzing – The only way to know what is working and what needs improvement is to review and analyze the data that correlates with each platform. A manager’s responsibility will include tracking, reporting and assessments based on that data, allowing for keener insight into what is moving the needle. This leads to new and better opportunities with your followers and ultimately increased growth. For example, by taking note of days or times where you receive the greatest reach or highest engagement, you can better schedule future sales. Consistently mining the analytics on your platforms is gold, but it requires an investment in time – something that might be best left to a social media manager.


Ready to get social? Doing it right or taking your current platforms to the next level may require outsourcing. As a busy business owner or organization manager focusing on other initiatives, you’re letting the expert handle the task and bring your social media to life! Ask the social media team here at OTM Communications for more insight into how we not only create and develop content, but keep our clients informed of their statistics so they can continue to stay social. Reach out to us today or send us a DM on our pages to hear more!


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