Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important metrics for every business or organization to measure. This calculation is used to evaluate or compare profit and revenue growth with the impact of marketing efforts. Without it, you cannot determine the performance and success, and therefore, ROI insights can lead to influential data that drive future strategies and decision making. In this issue of reMARKS, let’s look at three areas where, with a little extra attention, we see our clients boost their ROI.


Branding: Nowhere is branding more important than at a trade show. With event opportunities opening back up after the pandemic and in-person attendance on the rise, many companies are choosing to earmark their budget again for trade show attendance. Securing a booth at a trade show can be pricey, so it is essential to ensure your brand stands out from the competition rather than blending into the background. Smartly designed and well-branded booth displays, tents, table throws, banners and flags will attract attendees. Get creative with popular promo items and giveaways and be sure to have plenty of marketing materials or samples of your product on hand for interested customers.


IP Ad Targeting: One of the most valuable initiatives you can use when marketing is direct mail. To help increase a direct mail investment return, organizations are layering on an IP ad campaign. Cost effective, IP-targeted ads allow you to serve additional online impressions to the direct mail audience. Coordinating ads are delivered right to a consumer’s mobile phone or desktop computer as they browse the internet and help reinforce your brand and provide an immediate call to action with a click to your website or landing page.


Social Media: In this digital age, there is no doubt that social media marketing needs to be a part of every strategy. To be successful, an online program must be consistent, creative and well branded. Achieving good results typically requires a considerable investment in time, not necessarily dollars, but even so many business owners are not convinced they will get a return on that precious resource. We’re here to tell you that you will if you follow some simple guidelines. Set goals, research your target audience, create engaging content and be timely. Most importantly, assess your efforts otherwise there is no way to know what is working and what needs a change. Look at your top-performing content and adjust campaigns when your content stalls. So much of social media is trial and error, so monitoring the metrics behind your campaigns in real-time will guide small tweaks in the strategy and help avoid broad and time-consuming changes.


With these or any other marketing initiative, understanding performance – and return on investment – is essential. Not sure where to start? Leave it to the professionals and reach out to us today to hear about how our services can benefit your business.


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