As the air gets colder and stockings start to fill, we continue with our two-part series that challenges our team to reflect on their body of work in 2021. In this issue of reMARKS we evaluate important takeaways and grateful lessons from the year gone by. We hope this will continue to inspire you to look back on your own growth with pride.


Graphic Designer Mariana Canale: The power of symbolism in design! OTM is fortunate to partner with many wonderful clients who inspire us through their work and service. For a designer, the ability to create visual metaphors to anchor a theme that conveys their values and mission is a dream. Couple that freedom with a permission to explore specialty stock, print styles and production treatments – the results speak for themselves. Society is inundated with inbound messaging in all forms, so communication tools must be created to deliver impact. I am proud of the work we produced for our clients this year.


Account Manager Mary Ciccarelli: Timelines, timelines, timelines. This past year clearly demonstrated the power behind a well communicated project timeline. They not only help our internal team stay on track, but they are an equal value to clients. It creates the roadmap, sets expectations and provides a solid framework on deliverables. Of course, flexibility is still key as timelines that are too rigid cannot bend with new project developments or obstacles. Communication is also essential as we work through the timeline, eliminating surprises. In the end, assessment and feedback will always shed light on opportunities for improvement.


Office Administrator Meg Bodnar: The pandemic forced a strong pivot to digital resources and this year, prioritizing the creation of those documents, information and credentials provided our team with better efficiencies. Especially as we continue to operate in a hybrid environment, a central online location for critical resources that everyone can access streamlines productivity. Access, organization and maintenance of these resources is proving valuable now and into the future.


Marketing Coordinator Sam Pucci: In a year that was not like any other, I started my career and joined OTM full time in January. I have learned a lot and have been given great opportunities for growth. Embracing new clients and exciting projects, I acquired new skills and realized the importance of balance. New steps in life can be scary and uncertain. It is okay to slow down, reevaluate and adjust. Whatever the obstacle, there is a way around it with positivity, communication and determination. As 2021 draws to a close, I am proud of my accomplishments and look forward to all that is to come.


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