How We Make Our MARK – A Day in the Life featuring Jerilyn Crimaldi

We’re rolling right into our next sit down. Let’s get to know another member of our talented team just a little better.

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This month, we caught up with Vice President Jerilyn Crimaldi.

Fun Fact: you’re cousins with the President and CCO of OTM! Can you elaborate on how the opportunity to work side-by-side at their startup came about?

“Yes! I began my career in politics and then government after graduating college with a political science degree. As the government grant that I was working under came to an end, Christine and Nicol approached me about joining OTM as they were looking to grow the company – a career shift I was excited to make!

I was initially hired as an Account Manager on a team of five total employees. Over my 17 years here, I’ve watched OTM more than double in size now with a team of 12 and an expanding clientele. As we grew those client relationships into strong partnerships offering greater support and more diversified service offerings, I too grew within my role. I’m currently Vice President and am grateful for the opportunity to be with OTM working alongside family and a talented team of individuals for this many years.”

Jerilyn pictured in 2009

As VP, what are your primary responsibilities and what does a typical day look like for you?

“My day begins with a review of my schedule and assessing what the team has on their plates. I’ll craft a plan for myself while leaving room for flexibility as the day inevitably changes as it goes along!

My tasks then consist of managing a portfolio of client projects while maintaining consistent communication both internally and externally, as well as maintaining company operational housekeeping.”

Can you share your approach to leadership and how you inspire and motivate your team?

“My core value is embodying a strong sense of understanding. I think it’s important to understand how each team member operates, learns and communicates as everyone is different. Having an individualized approach fosters stronger relationships.

I also like to teach while remembering to let go of the reigns. It’s not always an easy balance to strike but I feel that people often learn best by actually doing.

Lastly, recognition and positive reinforcement are important for both individual and team growth.”

What do you consider to be the most rewarding aspect of leading a team at OTM?

“There are many things that make me proud of our team. Some of those are: seeing our team work together effectively, helping the team reach professional and company goals and hearing them receive positive client feedback. We have a great team that is always eager to learn and grow so that makes it easy!”

How do you stay updated with industry trends and continuously improve your skills?

“I follow other industry leaders and organizations on social media, consistently converse with friends about their work and remain observant to marketing I see throughout daily life. But I also credit our young and bright team members for helping us all remain current with the everchanging digital world.”

What’s your favorite OTM memory so far?

“I’ve had so many great memories over the years from team activities to holiday parties to attending our clients’ events. But one of the more memorable moments is when the OTM team threw me a baby shower in the office.”

Jerilyn at her baby shower in the OTM office

What does your life look like outside of the office?

"I’ve been married to my husband, Anthony, for 23 years and we have three kids, Anthony (21), Brandon (19) and Grace (12). I enjoy spending as much time with them as I can celebrating milestones and birthdays or being there for them at school events and sports. I also spend a lot of time with my mom or get out to see friends when I have some free time.”

Anthony’s 21st birthday dinner with the family
Brandon’s Scholarship Recognition in 2023
Grace’s Belt Promotion for Taekwondo
Jerilyn and her mom

Do you have any closing advice for someone aspiring to reach a senior leadership position in the marketing industry?

“I suggest looking to senior management as mentors. I learned a great deal from Christine and Nicol as my roles and responsibilities increased. They have an unwavering work ethic and vision for the company.

Also, learn as much as you can about all aspects of the job. The more you know the more valuable you are to others on the team and the company; that stands for any industry. Always focus on building relationships, clients and your team.”

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